Calls & SMS stopped working
Hello everyone,

LTE data was always problematic while calls and SMS worked pretty well. Now data is the only thing that sometimes works for 3 seconds, 5 minutes or an hour or two. The MVNO Klarmobil is no longer shown (carrier is T-Mobile). The dialer app and the clock app close themselves after some seconds. After two weeks I decided to create this thread.

Old cellular settings tab with NVNO


New cellular settings tab


Spacebar unsent message (clock symbol)


Thank you for any help.
And if you reboot, then the modem does not come back?
My experience with Manjaro PlaMo:
After a reboot mobile data is sometimes back but mostly no carrier. But the clock symbol and the "no modem" in the systemsettings have been persistent for two weeks.
Tried to force the reinstallation of some packages and noticed new modemmanager dependencies. I uninstalled ofono and ofonoctl and enabled modemmanager in systemd. Data works but plasma-dialer and clock still crash on startup. Attached the txt file with its output. Spacebar still shows that clock symbol for the unsent message.

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