Help Getting MMS Working on Manjaro Nightly Build
Hi All,

I downloaded Manjaro Phosh's nightly build and updated my preferences for SMS/MMS in Chatty for Mint Mobile.

APN: Wholesale

I confirmed that these changes carried through in
but I don't receive MMS and I cannot send MMS. I like that I am able to attach an image to a message on my pinephone, but the image is never received on devices I send it to. mmsd-tng is running and I have rebooted my phone. I assume the Chatty that comes with the nightly builds integrates mmsd-tng, but should I be using kop316's branch instead and launch that Chatty? In the past (~2 months ago), I had some success with Mobian MMS with kop316's Chatty and mmsd-tng, but was hoping to hop over to a cleaner experience on Manjaro. Any ideas?

I have followed the How To Get MMS Working instructions on the Manjaro forum here but had no luck.

Also, is a nightly build the same as the most recent Phosh Beta version (for example, Manjaro ARM Beta 17 with Phosh)?

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