Keyboard compatability
... It is supposed to work,

> My limited testing of Manjaro and KDE Plasma has been VERY Disappointing to date.

It is very painless to flash an sd card and test that in the Pinephone, so it is easy to test other Distributions.

Just a little more effort to flash to your eMMC.

While Manjaro/Plasma may work with the new keyboard, I would not be surprised if it does not...

But .... it is 'Beta' so... don't get upset if it does not, just try another O.S.

... It is likely that one or two operating systems will work with the new keyboard by the time we actually get our hands on it.


Reminder : The Pinephone Pro is said to not be bootable from an sd card...
SO that "Advantage with the Pinephone", .. will be LOST on the double priced Pinephone Pro.!


I DO WISH : Some of the Developers would share their experiences with the new keyboard here on the forum.
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