Suddenly, nothing but a backlight and a boot logo flash
I don't know why, but I can't get my phone booted now. It shows the Mobian logo for a second, then nothing but a backlight. I can't SSH in over USB — although that was already not working. I'm not sure where to go from here. Suggestions?
I would go for a serial cable to see what's going on. If not try to boot from the SD card.
Thanks, I ended up booting into JumpDrive and flashing the eMMC again. I think I just need to be prepared to flash once in a while.

I really wish I could figure out why ssh over USB stopped working, though. That used to work right out of the box.
If you would put on your SD card the multi boot image, you could boot jumpdrive but also a Mobian system. And could eventually check what's wrong on your emmc installation. I myself always have the multi boot image inserted since one can choose to boot from the emmc also. I love it!

I saw also quite a bunch of people having a corrupted f2fs filesystem. That also could be checked with booting from the SD card.
The Multi-Distro is pretty cool, but it is customized, it has a custom boot-loader.
It is supposed to give you an idea what the distro's look like, but they are derived from older releases.

NOT sure where you got your data on > "Bunch of people having a corrupted f2fs filesystem" ..?

I have not seen that mentioned on this forum, ... ever...!

I think, Mobian is still the only Pinephone operating system using the f2fs filesystem...
( I have been following Mobian since it was just called Debian.)

** When I searched your above quote in the forum, the one and only return was "Your Post"....

While I do agree that the ability to use an sd card to boot/ load/ troubleshoot the Pinephone is really handy.


To the original Poster of this thread :
I would suggest trying some other distro's from an sd card, as it is a simple way to see if the phone performs properly on a different operating system.

* And can help discover if the problem is hardware or software related.
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Well I have nothing against f2fs but I read on the chat rooms (Mobian and Pinephone) several people with corrupted filesystems with f2fs. If you switch off your phone uncleanly and have to connect a serial cable to get it back to life, that's not a sign of very solid filesystem. And the little I googled around f2fs is that it's not yet the best candidate for a phone. For example on the arch wiki it's written: " F2FS has a weak fsck that can lead to data loss in case of a sudden power loss. If power losses are frequent, consider an alternative file system. ". So personally I would use ext4 or btrfs.
Regarding p-boot multi-boot image, I find it very useful because the boot menu allows it to boot from emmc. So I just keep it always in my phone and when I switch it on, I choose emmc booting. I have much less risk to break the SD card slot and if my emmc system fails for whatever reason, I have other systems on the SD card to boot from.
As far as the micro-sd card holder goes, I have not kept track of how many times I have swapped sd cards in my 5 Pinephones

But it may be over a hundred times in some of them.

I have downloaded and flashed all the popular Distro's many times,....  almost 2 years ago I got my first Brave Heart phone.

((As I have extra Pinephones for testing, I do not have to depend on those test phones for communications))

I have downloaded and tried almost every Mobian 'Nightly Release'  -- now the 'weekly release'.

>> The micro-sd card holders in all of my phones are still working fine.
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That happened  to me twice.

What helped in both cases was booting from an SD card and running
sudo fsck.f2fs -p /dev/mmcblk2p2

The first time it happened I was in real trouble because I was away from home and badly needed the phone. Ever since I have an SD card with the multi boot image in the phone as well (and a text file with that command in the documents directory of the mobian distro) so I can repair the eMMC if needed.

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