Would you attend a meetup in Germany May-July 2022?
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PINE64 meetup in Germany in 2022?
Are there already any candidate places (states, regions, cities) for this event to happen at?
Registered specifically to say a big YES
Count me in!
Depends upon when, where & my work schedule; would love to be able to attend in late June/July.
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Thank you PineTeam for your outstanding work!
I am in Canada but would be interested in a visit to Germany for this. June-July would work best.
At the 20220121 Q&A @Luke gave an answer to the current status of this community meeting and you can find the details here:

In short - FOSDEM 2023 is a good candidate for in-person meeting.
However the suggested summer 2022 community meetup is unlikely at this point of time due to variety of reasons (travel from outside of EU is a question, unknowns about summer period, etc)

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Disappointed, was looking forward to it.
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Thank you PineTeam for your outstanding work!
When? I want to go so much!
I would like to join

@Luke could you give us an update on what to expect? Do you need extra hands in doing the organization?

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