Would you attend a meetup in Germany May-July 2022?
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PINE64 meetup in Germany in 2022?
Hey guys, FOSDEM recently announced that next year's event will be virtual. It has now been two years since we're met with the community, and we're aching to see you guys in person again. So, we're thinking about arranging our own event in Germany sometime in May-July 2022.
What do you think? would you make the journey and participate in-person?

I know that many of you in the US, Asia and Oceania will still be unable to make it, so we'll make sure to have a portion of the meetup online, so everyone interest can participate.

I'd appreciate if you answer the poll, so I get a better idea whether arranging this event makes sense.
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I'd love to participate and I assume Corona won't be that active that time of year, and assuming we won't have strict travel restrictions.
I'm in Europe, so Germany is fine with me.
I voted maybe, as I can't predict the future.
maybe this is something i could come to see, however being low-income, most likely no. my actual answer might be between no and maybe.

i live nearby but not near enough for travel expenses.i don't think coronavirus restrictions in that time are a problem.
I'm in the Netherlands and I'd be happy to swing by. Hopefully daily driving my Pinephone Pro by that time.. :-)
I'm in Belgium, and I would be happy travel to Germany to see you all in person !
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Maybe yes, depending on the travel restrictions and the covid situation at that period.
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It seems I cannot vote here as a new user but I would definitely come to the meetup!
(Just registered at the forums, therefore I cannot vote either.)

Big yes for me, I'd definitively come if this takes place and would be looking forward to it!

May is pretty full for me already, but June or July would be great.

As posters above wrote, regarding covid, it should probably be fine around that time of the year.
A meetup right in my home country sounds like a perfect opportunity for me. Would be even better if the topic of the OP didn't misspell it Smile
Lets hope the situation will be okey at that time  Smile Definitely interested!

Huh, the emojis from KDE aren't showing up. Interesting

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