After recent update: Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property
The system is now not fully booting with the KDE Plasma Mobile GUI.

While I can login from the serial console, but on the screen it is showing:

musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property

I see the following wiki mentions something about the error:
After upgrading, i got stuck here too, how do you continue to login? I cannot get past that point, there seems no way to get to a prompt. I have a keyboard connected through the dock. With power connected, it shows five instead of three error messages, one is about bluetooth and a missing config file.
I use this to log in

Anyway, I just put a new image on the SD card. Another disaster. While it boots up, now there is no connection to the internet
That looks interesting, i'll get that thing first.


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