More weirdness when booting from eMMC
Previously it was a problem with the modem coming up as not ready when booting from the eMMC, but not when running from an SD card. Flashing the eMMC with a backup image fixed that.

Today another strange issue. Suddenly when trying to make an outgoing call the ring tone for incoming calls plays. Rebooted the phone and the same thing happens. As with the previous issue, this doesn't happen booting off an SD card and there have been no updates or configuration changes since the phone was last used.

OS is Mobian bookworm with updates as of 10/3/2021. Anyone else experience anything like this? Guess I could try updating the installation on the eMMC and see if the problem persists.
I have the Oct./27 Nightly on sd card running on a Manjaro Convergent phone.

It was acting a little weird while setting it up, like no wifi,
> While I didn't check the modem at that point, but after a few 'restarts' it appears to have the functions that I use are in working order.

> I did do the available updates while setting up the phone.
> I Do have the original factory modem firmware still.
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It's really odd. If the eMMC were breaking down I'd expect symptoms like system crashes or boot failure.

Just tried a call again and the problem has "fixed itself". Curiouser and curiouser.

Well, I was not going to do updates for a while but will bring things up to date to see how it works out. I still have my image backup (or can boot off of SD card) if things go horribly wrong...

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