squeekboard not fired for sim unlock when booting
When booting with a SIM card, the sim unlock screen pops up on top of the main unlock screen, but with no keyboard firing up.

One needs to cancel the sim unlock, "main-unlock" the device by entering password, and then, tap on the top bar to open the sim-unlock screen again. Which is quite annoying.

Does anyone experience the same, and/or has figured a way to get the keyboard functionning directly on boot with a SIM card inserted ?
Do you intend to keep using SIM lock? If not, disabling it seems like a solution.
Well, I did not even think about it and that indeed partly prevents the annoying behaviour.
"partly", because, the problem is then the same with the keyring password screen, that pops up before the main password is entered. This one is less annoying because you can simply cancel the first time, and it will popup again with squeekboard.

Nevertheless, it feels like a poor workaround to disable a security because of a bug preventing to use it correctly. I am still interested in a proper fix. i.e. enable squeekboard to fire up on boot on unlock screens poping up before session is opened.

Anyway, thanks ThrillGates ! It is already better that way.
For me the keyboard doesn't appear right away as well, but when I tap the input field it shows up and I can enter the unlock code without taking other steps.
I've encountered this issue once or twice too, the keyboard not popping up even after tapping the input field. This was on the factory build of Manjaro however so it may be an upstream Phosh bug.
On my end, I am running mobian (with latest dist-upgrade) and It does not appear, even after tapping the input field

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