HBA Card working on Aufan's builds but not in debian, armbian or dietpi
I've got a HBA card (IBA H1110) in the pci express slot of my rockpro64.

It works flawlessly on auyfan's builds.

But Armbian etc fail to boot with the card in the slot. I see vertical yellow green lines after the initial boot sequence and then nothing.

What exactly does aufan do differently in his builds? Is it possible to make an armbian build that will work too?
Even though Armbian publish images, Armbian is actually primarily a build script, so you can do whatever you like.[0]

The rub is finding out what those differences are. There are places where you can include additional patches in the build, instructions for that are in the docs.

But you are going to be on your own there, hacking unsupported in uncharted waters. Maybe make a thread / search existing ones and see if anyone else has [solved] the problem already?

Good luck with it, if you do figure it out, by all means please share the solution back to Armbian (preferably in a PR, but anything helps)!

[0] In fairness, it even took me a long time to understand this, even though I been hanging around over there for years.

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