Screen now turning off (and on) after a few seconds
I've been using PinePhone / Mobian for a while now, and all of the sudden my screen is going blank if I'm not constantly engaged with the devices (meaning I have my finger on it). If I look at it for a few seconds without touching it, the screen goes off and I have to touch it for it to come back on, usually. Sometimes it just comes back on.

The reverse is also true: When I hit the power button to turn off the screen, after a few seconds I can see the screen glowing, even though it's a black screen, because the backlight is on.

I've tried disabling the blank screen and suspend options in the settings, but this doesn't do anything. Any idea why this might have happened? The only thing I did today was run

wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 1.5

to change the screen DPi. But even after rebooting, that DPi adjustment goes away but this problem persists.
Surprised no one else has had this issue. When I reboot, it goes away for a while, then comes back. I thought it might have something with a sensor that's supposed to put the phone to sleep when it's dark, and it's malfunctioning. I'm not sure, though.
I have experienced that as well, I reboot and it goes away for awhile. Has not happened since I upgraded today but I have not been on the phone enough today to say it is now gone.
I have a suspicion that it's a couple issues at play. Mobian now has automatic screen brightness listed in the settings. I only started seeing this option today, after I flashed the nightly image to the eMMC. So I'm thinking what's happening is that upgrading from the repo only partially implements automatic brightness, and this is what's giving you the flickering.

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