NetBSD on PinePhone/PinePhone Pro?
Is someone considering porting of NetBSD to the PinePhone (or, preferrably, PinePhone Pro)? I am willing to sponsor a PPP/keyboard pair to interested developer (or two).

(Sorry for posting to general-software forum; moderators, feel free to move elsewhere/breakout the thread.)
Probably not, somebody would have done it by now if they would.
But there's nothing stopping anyone to make an (un)official port of *BSD, which might actually be a very welcoming contribution to the Pine64 community as a whole.
I've recently been on the fence between staying with Linux or jumping to the BSD side, because now that more and more normies start using Linux (and therefore many distro maintainers feel the need to make it all normie-friendly), BSD is becoming the superior Unix varient.
tllim had mentioned that there was work being done on NetBSD for the PinePhone (not Pro) some time ago. There was to be an official NetBSD version of the PinePhone. But I have not heard anything since.

Unfortunately I cannot find the thread anymore.

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