Safe to upgrade Bookworm again?
A couple of days ago I tried updating Bookworm, and after an apparently successful update, I rebooted and it hung at the Mobian splash screen. I finally had to restore the image I had saved immediately before the update. I then noticed that there hadn't been a nightly image since 4 October.  Today I checked again and see there are nightlys from 9 and 10 October. 

Can anybody confirm that those nightlys boot and run fine? or that it's again safe to run sudo apt upgrade?
Pinephone beta edition, convergence model, Mobian Bookworm with Phosh.
(10-10-2021, 10:29 AM)nelstomlinson Wrote: or that it's again safe to run sudo apt upgrade?

At least it did not cause any problems on my phone.
I just flashed the October 12 Nightly to sd card, Running on a 1.2a Convergent phone, the basics are working, Talk, sms text, data, wifi.

I didn't test hot spot or bluetooth, yet.
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