Questions and experiences using Fedora Mobile (as a PinePhone newbie)

would this be a good place for questions / experience reports related to using Fedora on the PinePhone?
If not, where would I best post them? On GitHub, maybe, in this repo:
Just in case this is a good place, let me just list them here :-)

For context, I just got my first PinePhone, and am using Megi's multi-distro image for experimentation.
I've run dnf update, which if I understand correctly does not update the kernel. But everything else should be up-to-date.

1) Using the Settings application, I have to often switch manually between landscape and portrait orientations in order to be able to close sub-windows. I do this by leaving Settings and clicking on the portrait/landscape icon. Is there a way around this?

2) Just be be sure - the display is not supposed to be switching between orientations itself when I rotate the phone, right?

3) Again just to be sure - there is just one possible screen resolution; that's to be expected too, I guess?

4) BTW, "portrait" and "landscape" are the other way round, for me ...

5) Using Calls, the sound level is extremely low (practically unhearable). This is despite system-wide, sound is set to maximum.

6) I was expecting I had to enter the PIN on startup, but I've found it's instead configured in the "Mobile Broadband" settings. Isn't this a security problem (assuming someone could log into my phone)?

7) After a phone reboot, I always have to actively turn on Mobile Broadband - is this expected?

8) Is there a roadmap for the project?

In addition to these questions, I'd be very interested of to hear what experiences others are having with Fedora Mobile, and whether people are using it "in production" or mainly for development/experiments.

Many thanks in advance!!
Hi, just for anyone stumbling upon this:

I got great answers here:


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