Austrialians now have a better reason to use PinePhone
(09-20-2021, 01:51 PM)user641 Wrote: in the case of you being a pedophile.

They always use "pedophilia", "terrorism", "money laundering", and "climate change" as an excuse to push agenda's nobody would otherwise want.
Though at least the people seem to finally wake up to the "pedophilia" excuse, probably because they used this one a bit too often I guess?
If you think logically, even if there are pedophiles using an iPhone (maybe the dumbest pedophiles in existence, but just assume for this thought experiment), is it really worth to indiscriminitely keep an eye on billions of iPhone users worldwide just to go after maybe 4 pedophiles (3 of which being government personnel, so they will never go after those anyway)?

(09-21-2021, 12:27 AM)bcnaz Wrote: DO NOT consider the enemy to be stupid !

Gates has proposed this world wide needle injection for over 20 years,  Covid is just the perfect opportunity....

Google has been studying every email, so they know every key word to get the desired re-action from the sheepeople.

I used to check out the hydrogen conventions in Europe, Now that is no longer accessible on  USA internet !

You got it!
The biggest enemy to humans is their own obedience.
Reality is an illusion created with our own minds collectively, so if we all just turn off TV and ignore the "news" (propaganda) entirely, all of this would be gone overnight.
This is exactly while the 5 eyes countries, the most of Europe, Israel, and parts of south Asia are so screwed up now, while parts of east Asia, parts of Latin America, parts of Africa, parts of primarily eastern Europe + a select few western European countries, and north Asia (which is just Russia) are far less so.
This isn't a "war on the white race" like so many of the controlled opposition like to call it, it's a war on the obedient slaves.

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