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Lately have been testing PinePhone beta with convergence.
Went through all OSes on b-boot and they all work like a charm, including the dock (charger, USB, HDMI, Ethernet)
What I noticed is that all OSes on b-boot use Megi's patched 5.13-rc4 kernel.

Then the next steps for me was to install Mobian with FDE to eMMC, all went well except HDMI is not working with the dock.

I tried bullseye, bookworm, unstable up to kernel 5.13 but none of them fix the HDMI issue.


Did anyone try to install Mobian version from b-boot to eMMC with FDE enabled?


Is it better to install Megi's kernel and any other patches on top of standard Mobian distro build?
Seems that Megi is aware of this issue. As he just described the problem on his blog.


Will try the quick workaround and will report the results here.

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