USB voice modem for non-phone devices?
Just a suggestion but how about selling a pine64 branded usb dongle based on the eg25-g modem? It could be handy for those who own single board computers, pinetabs or even ordinary x86 desktops.

Seems like a natural step considering the work going into the firmware for the pinephone. The usb audio interface for voice calls pretty much works out of the box (after some help from a-wai) - here's a quick video demo.

I could really use a decent usb/pci modem that could handle voice and everything. Personally, I think I'd prefer a PCI device that could work with the Rockpro64, though. It would mean I'd have a decent "home phone" that I could setup to do things my way instead of having to rely on a smartphone that just happens to stay home.

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