3rd party keyboard review
Recently my Tab key got broken so I had to replace keyboard.
Price for new keyboard from official store however was too expensive for me, so I took the risk and ordered from HERE (total price inc. shipping was 27$ while price from official store was 20$ + 30$ shipping!).
Seller first asked about part number printed on keyboard cable, after providing number he warned me that cable is a little longer than original (this wasn't much of issue).
Keyboard arrived without the case, so I had to disconnect keyboard from the case. This was pretty difficult, because keyboard was hard-connected with the case with plastic caps, tearing caps off is irreversible. New keyboard fitted quite well, however holes in the keyboard didn't match perfectly, I had to push some spots in after keyboard was installed. I think height of keys is a little lower than in original, see picture.
Keyboard worked right away after booting (I have ANSI version from August 2020). Some keys are different (most notably right ctrl and Fn keys), these keys however work like on the original keyboard.
Updating to latest ANSI keyboard firmware from HERE worked fine.
If you want to save 30$ from shipping (seriously PINE64, why shipping to europe costs 30$) and you're not afraid of replacement procedure, this is viable alternative.
[Image: IMG-20210809-120513.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20210809-120526.jpg]
Not aware there is 3rd selling Pinebook Pro keyboard and glad to know the 3rd party keyboard works for you.

The $30 EU carrier service shipping cost was due to the new IOSS implemented by EU on July 1. All the post service shipping companies, including China EMS, not accepting shipping arrangement due to they don't know how the EU custom process due to this new implementation. Recently, based from shipping company advise, Pine Store gradually reopen some standard shipping method to certain EU countries not open to all yet.
I received today a Raspberry Pi 400 unit and was surprised to see the keyboard looks exactly like the one on PBP, except for color, key markings, and the fact that PBP seems to have a slightly deeper key travel than RPi400. There are some minor layout differences, but those are almost definitely completely firmware-driven.
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Do you know if there is any other keyboard layout (especially azerty french or belgian)?
Kind regards,
Xavier Miller.
Awesome, vertical tint2 taskbar !

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