Pinebook Pro (ISO) for sale from Germany to Europe and UK
I am selling my Pinebook Pro. It is hardly used and in good condition. It would be a shame if it continued to collect dust around here. I liked the keyboard, but the touchpad, which supposedly now works fine has always annoyed me. Sometimes I needed to reboot to get sound, I did not find any other way.  And on a vacation it's light and not that expensive, which is ideal. When I only had one computer it was a valuable backup, but now I have a desktop and a laptop and the third device is just like the third wheel. I have the feeling someone else will make better use of it.

It can be yours if you like, I'll ship everywhere, but preferably Europe, anything else will get expensive.

I'm happy to answer any questions!
I would be interested. I live in Romania (the EU).

What capacity is the EMMC? What price (includding shipping)? And does it have any defects?

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