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(08-12-2021, 08:15 AM)wibble Wrote: (snip)

I while I had wanted to be able to crank out native packages everything I have seen and heard in communications says flatpak or similar to be distro agnostic and that is probably the only answer to that half of the question; I was hoping there would be a better suggestion rather than worrying about some sort of consensus; I am still hoping for a better way though.

The GPS/nav and other HAL(vs fragile hacker scripts) stuff is very much an issue I am not sure how that is being worked upon in a compatibility friendly way right now but I do assume that is how it is being handled in the big distros especially the official mobile versions.

The more important thing to ask once we decide the back-end build & package stuff is how we can set up friendly infrastructure to make populating the app source a popular and easy place to host both good and very experimental apps tuned for mobile and specifically Pinephone and tablet.  I want to get even low hanging fruit like web apps, easy GUIs and Arduino-easy example code(probably mostly python) and scripting in order to get more users and new devs into the ecosystem.  I recall the Pebble watch even had personal access to an autobuilder with all of the libs installed so you could just upload your code and download something ready for testing on your watch.
I would love to have a proper app store type thing. I know LinMob is working on a website for this but also I have made a couple of apps for the PinePhone that I think people would like but there isn't exactly a way to promote them other than making a post in the forums here.

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