no calls after changing screen
Everything is working accept modem. all connections seem fine. The modem gets warm so I'm assuming its getting power. What am I missing?
Are you getting any signal reading from the modem? Either in status bar or Settings, Mobile, Modem details?

My "reserve" phone does not work because the micro co-ax cable that connects the main board to the bottom USB-C connector board does not connect (mainly as I pulled the connector off the USB-C slave board the 1st time I tried to remove the cable. So modem sort of looks OK but signal level is unusable. Just a thought
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there are dozens of checks that can be performed, first you check the hardware connections, then you run mmcli if you are using ModemManager (phosh) or ofonoctl if you are using ofono (plasma), then you can check the DBus and last the AT commands, have a look at my guide for the Quectel Mobile Data Configuration

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