Oh great - Pine Store cancelled my order
Got an email today from store.  
"Dear PINE64 customer, there was a payment gateway error where our ecommerce provider Shopify (http://shop.pine64.com) was authorizing orders but not charging some orders between May 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016.  This resulted in a credit card authorization but not an actual charge. The authorization will drop off after 2 weeks.  If you are receiving this email, you are part of an effected batch (about 150 orders). Some of your orders have actually been fulfilled but we did not actually charge you for it. If your order started with a number of #776, your orders have been fulfilled (but we did not charge you), If your order starts with #816, and you are receiving this email, your order has been cancelled and you have not been charged. "

Of course my order was 816# so I have to reorder stuff.
Got a board that is very pretty but wonder when it will work.

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