Pinebook Pro not powering on when eMMC hardware switch is off
Hi All,

I'm currently having an issue booting my Pinebook Pro.

I tried to flash an image of TwisterOS on the eMMC but I don't believe that was done correctly. 

I searched the forum and find that is possible to perform a reset option by forcing the Pine to baypass the eMMC deactivating it with the hardware switch on the SoC board.

When I'm doing that the Pinebook won't power on at all, is that anything wrong there? 

If I remove the eMMC from the slot it's not working either.

Anybody able to help?

Thanks in advance!
If there is no uboot, or a bad uboot, the pbp will appear dead
If there is a bad uboot, it may 'remember' and also not be bootable (later)
For example, put a a64 sd card in, you will think you have bricked it
It will appear dead, recover by a reset, long presses or remove back (and press reset)
So try another image or redo burn or another card
The power light is driven entirely by software. So it will not turn on at all until the software, usually U-Boot turns it on. Therefore if it doesn't turn on, you either have a U-Boot that doesn't turn it on (unheard of), or U-Boot isn't running.

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