phone call using built it app will not go to bluetooth
I was listening to a podcast via a bluetooth headset.

I paused the podcast app and dialed a number using the standard phone app.

It would not connect the audio to the the bluetooth headset.

It was stuck using the phone speaker.  I toggled between speakerphone mode and hold the phone up to your ear mode.  But no bluetooth.

Is there supposed to be a bluetooth button somewhere?

After I gave up on the call, I went back to the podcast app and the bluetooth worked as expected.
There isn't yet an audio profile to do the routing between the bluetooth and the modem. Someone in another thread reported at least partial success using a script to make the mixer changes and route the audio between devices.

I'm looking for a way to share my phone with the Bluetooth too. In my case, my vehicle can make the relay between the phone and a Bluettoth headset. But I can only find an option to share some files on Mobian with the native applications.

An idea ?

Here's the bug report - no sign that anyone is working on it yet.

Start reading at this post for a script that reportedly does the job, at least as proof of concept. Later posts cover dropping the latency to something usable.

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