Vibration motor buzzes uncontrollably with call waiting
Today I had was on a call using the Pinephone and a second call came in (a scam/spam call). What happened is the call I was on was disconnected and the vibration motor came on - and stayed on, would not turn off. Even when the legit guy called back and I picked up the vibration motor just kept going. It did not shut off until the phone was rebooted.

So... when this happens is there some way the vibration can be turned off short of rebooting the phone? (I'm using the "002" factory firmware if that makes a difference.)
sudo killall feedbackd
works for me, to the point I aliased it as 'krt' (kill ring tones) in my .bashrc
(05-28-2022, 01:32 PM)jurop88 Wrote:
sudo killall feedbackd
works for me, to the point I aliased it as 'krt' (kill ring tones) in my .bashrc

Cool, thanks!

What I'd really like is to disable call waiting entirely so a second incoming call goes right to voicemail. However the firmware version currently running in my modem does not accept the commands (just reports an error) and apparently it's only possible to disable call waiting that way for 2G and 3G connections anyway. (Those have been discontinued in my area, I'm using 4G.) That topic was covered here on the board in another thread:

Probably at some point gnome-calls will be updated to handle call waiting better but for now just being able to turn off the alert will do.

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