My PinePhone shuts down when the screen turns off
My PinePhone works normally, but when the screen turns off by any reason (inactivity or because I pressed he button on the side), the phone shuts-down immediately. To explain better, as the screen turns-off, the phone seems normal, but when I press the button again, nothing happens for a few seconds, and then the LED turns red, then white and then green. The boot loading screen then appears. I can repeat this indefinitely. 

My version:
PinePhone UBports Edition
Ubuntu 16.04
UBports Image Part
Device Image Part

What have I done:
- Reset Launcher
- Erase & Reset All
- Updated the OS and all apps.
- "Reinstall all apps"
I'm not using a SIM card

I would be glad if any one has any clue on how to fix this

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