User Interface (Plasma Mobile) Queries
New user, couple of simple questions about the user interface for Plasma Mobile:

  1. is there a basic user guide to the UI? What do the various screen icons do, pull down vs pull up and so on?
  2. I have a red dot by the phone app icon - what does it mean? The phone works
Web searches haven't turned anything up that helped.
The basic golden rule is, if you want to know, just play around.

If you're on Plasma 5.21 or before, you can swipe up from the middle of the screen to get the app menu.
If you're on Plasma 5.22, you can do that by pressing the "^" button.
In both cases, swipe down to close that menu.

For all other stuff, I recommend watching people like these, look at how they operate, and try to mimic that.

Select and copy/paste the link, I forgot how poorly this forum handles URLs with an @ mark in it.

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