phone won't boot from emmc with sdcard inserted
Hi all,
Received my PP 64 Convergence last week and have decided on postmarketos as my OS. I installed it to the EMMC with no issues. Now, I want to add my music files to the Lollypop music player. In Linux, I formatted a 64GB SD card with a FAT file system and did a copy/paste operation to load the songs on the card. When I boot the PP with the card inserted, there is short vibration followed by blank screen, then nothing. When I boot without the SD card installed, there is a longer vibration and then PMOS boots normally. It seems the phone insists on trying to boot from SD IF there is a card inserted, otherwise it proceeds to an EMMC boot. Is there a way to change this behavior? TIA for any assistance provided.

Steve Silvi
It's likely that it's looking for a fat partition to boot from and since it's obviously not a boot partition, it's just stopping at the black screen. Have you tried partitioning differently? As for changing it so that it doesn't boot to the SD card first, that's unfortunately not possible. The device will always choose to boot from a SD card that it thinks is bootable.
If you have ever installed an OS on the SD card you will need to erase the special boot code that the SoC is seeing.
Yep, that was the ticket. (Note to self: next time, RTFM) Thanks for your help.

Steve Silvi

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