Phone arrived: Stupid Questions begin. Setting up OpenVPN?
I'd like to set up open VPN which I assusme will work but I don't know what command to use. I tried sudo apt and apt isn't found so that leaves zypper, pacman and dnf. I just don't know which is appropriate for PMOS. I know stupid question but all I've messed with is Debian based distros and can't figure out what PMOS is based off to know which is appropriate package handler. Or maybe there isn't one and I'll have to learn to download directly. This could get interesting! Huh  Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated!

PS  I love this phone so far. It's just a cm taller than my Blackberry Key One or Key2LE and so far I'm adjusting to the differences. I plan to have it as a backup phone and to play around with it as a micro computer for basic forms etc... for work.
PmOS is based on Alpine Linux. The command you're looking for is apk.
(10-06-2020, 05:27 AM)wibble Wrote: PmOS is based on Alpine Linux. The command you're looking for is apk.
  Thank you! That will let me get this fixed or fouled up.  We'll see.
Thanks so much for tolerating my inexperience! I got it loaded and now that I have a keyboard I can correct the username & password trouble. I think I need to tweak it a bit but I have proved it viable.  Thanks again!

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