Wrong PIN error
Just setting up a new Pinephone with the stock Manjaro OS and getting a 'wrong PIN' error, despite checking a few times when setting up the phone the PIN I would use.

How can I re-run the setup/installation process again? There doesn't appear to be a factory setting or recovery mode option.
I had similar issue though seemed to correct itself after 30mins.
I wsnt sure if it was an OS or deeper issue.
Hopefully someone answers.
Quote:Has anyone tried to connect via SSH? I tried to find answers on the Manjaro forum and buy case study from the official dev's portal. They offer paid tutorials.

I had the 'wrong PIN' error after some minor updates via Discover. So I was trying to ssh to my PinePhone from my Mac with Ubuntu in VirtualBox. sshd should be manually enabled in PinePhone.
Did you manage to deal with the problem? I'm interested to know

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