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Wrong PIN error - lordearl - 06-04-2021

Just setting up a new Pinephone with the stock Manjaro OS and getting a 'wrong PIN' error, despite checking a few times when setting up the phone the PIN I would use.

How can I re-run the setup/installation process again? There doesn't appear to be a factory setting or recovery mode option.

RE: Wrong PIN error - Lenny01 - 06-06-2021

I had similar issue though seemed to correct itself after 30mins.
I wsnt sure if it was an OS or deeper issue.
Hopefully someone answers.

RE: Wrong PIN error - TfromTexas - 06-16-2021

Quote:Has anyone tried to connect via SSH? I tried to find answers on the Manjaro forum and buy case study from the official dev's portal. They offer paid tutorials.

I had the 'wrong PIN' error after some minor updates via Discover. So I was trying to ssh to my PinePhone from my Mac with Ubuntu in VirtualBox. sshd should be manually enabled in PinePhone.

RE: Wrong PIN error - mcdanielmark473 - 09-20-2021

Did you manage to deal with the problem? I'm interested to know