Replacing the Keyboard
Some of the keys on my Pinebook Pro keyboard no longer register any input (after a heavy object fell on them). Apart from that inconvenience, the device works perfectly. I therefore plan to purchase a replacement keyboard ( and to assemble the other components on it.

My questions are as follows:

- What equipment do I need for the dis/reassembly? I own a screwdriver set and have verified that I can take off the bottom case and loosen any screw fixing the internal components (mainboard, battery, ...). Do I need anything else?

- Am I right in assuming that I can remove the internal components one-by-one, and then reassemble them in reverse order (to the one when removing) on the new keyboard?

- Is there anything I should take special care of or watch out for?

- Are there any guides on changing the keyboard of the Pinebook Pro? A DDG/Google search has produced no (useful) results.

Many in thanks in advance,
A rather detailed guide for the keyboard replacement is available as an aptly named section of the official PineBook Pro wiki page. Cool
Thank you for this reference dsimic that I have stupidly overlooked.

The replacement keyboard has arrived, and I can confirm that attaching it (after removing the broken one) according to your suggested guide works. The only tool i required was my screwdriver set.

Many thanks to the Pine64 team for making easily repairable devices and to the awesome community for the guide!
You're welcome, and good luck with your PineBook Pro!

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