Pinebook Pro Docking Deck Ethernet Port
Good day everyone. 

I'm in need of some assistance.  I have my pinebook pro attached to the Pine 64 docking deck and having some trouble with the deck's ethernet port.  I have USB-C power going into the docking deck along with an external HDMI monitor plugged into the HDMI port. I then have the deck's ethernet port connected to my network switch.  The problem i'm haviing is that when I power up the pinebook pro, the ethernet port doesn't activate and connect to my network.  This happens more time then not.  Once in awhile it will connect on power up, but mostly I will put the pinebook to sleep and then wake it up and then the ethernet port will activate.  Does anyone have a solution?  Thanks.

Hey there! I-m having the exact same issue with the ethernet port and the docking deck, have you found a solution yet?, Btw have you tried the audio jack in the docking deck?, I can't make it work, so I wonder if the two issues are related.

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