Can't update OS Mobian Phosh
Hi all,

I've just installed Mobian Phosh on my Pinephone flashing it on my SD card. I find it incredibly useful, fast and easy to use, but waiting for improves to come.

I find a problem now when I try to update the Operative system or when I try to install any other software. I can't do it because, as it notifies me, executing dpkg was interrupted, and I have to execute it manually "dpkg --configure -a" to fix the problem.

The other problem I have, is that I can't find terminal to try to fix that, and I can't install it because of the same issue.

Thanks a lot for helping me,

(05-22-2021, 02:39 PM)Gon Wrote: ...
I can't find terminal to try to fix that, and I can't install it because of the same issue.

The terminal is the application called Kings Cross, a reference to one of the largest railway terminals in London!

Once you get going you may prefer (as I do) to remove the software application and to do your software maintenance directly in the terminal using apt.

Have fun
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Thanks so much! I thought Kings Cross was a travelling software Smile)
I tried my first update using the GUI software update program like you did and ran into a similar but worse issue (OS didn't work at all) and had to re-install and instead do the first update from the terminal with apt, which worked without a problem. Note, the first update that generates initramfs is a little scary because it takes a long time to generate it and during that time it is easy to wonder if something is wrong. If the phone isn't plugged in, you may need to periodically wake it up to get it to finish.
I always ssh into the phone and use the command line. Also it seems like a good idea to keep the phone plugged in while updates are installing.
You can also adapt one of the suspend/sleep tweaks here

to prevent the phone from sleeping when using apt/apt-get..

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