Lazarus/fpc package for PinePhone
Hiya guys

Do we have a working Lazarus package for pinephone, somewhere? any of You checked it maybe ? if we have one , is it in usable state?

( still waiting for my phone so i dunno where packsages can be found in each os, otherwise i would not ask )

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Well... it should work. It works on the pinetab but I doubt it would be usable on pinephone due to screen estate unless you plan using it in docked mode on a big screen.
Laazarus opens up different windows while phosh and plasma display (as per design) only the main window in full screen, unless docked

Basically you should be able to run all lmain inux packages but you have to consider the screen size limits. You can use Gimp or Krita or Lazarus but their windows won't fit the screen.
In other OS designed for mobile, the apps need to adapt to the form factor. In Linux that's new and developers need to adapt themselves to that paradigm because they never had to consider it.
Excellent. Thank You for information. Yes i'll be using it in docked version (ide)

Wysłane z mojego CLT-L29 przy użyciu Tapatalka
I have a principal question, how it is intended to develop, on the device with all installed IDEs on it: Qt, Lazarus, etc... or on separate desktop development environment, same Manjaro and Plasma-mobile, to can develop and test what is possible on it, without the device, for not specific hardware dependent features?
AFAIK on Lazarus you have to care only about source. The FPC compiler should take care of the rest choosing the appropriate widget set. I use it to code on Linux and building apps on windows work machine since it's quite easy to port. I just have to define some conditional flag, usually for file path but the rest works out of the box. Keep in mind that Lazarus it's not optimized for mobile apps. There are better alternatives just like libhandy (gnome) and kirigami (qt) for mobile apps but I don't think there are units (inc files) for lazarus
Seems that alpine linux / postmarketos repos doesnt have fpc nor lazarus packages. they doesnt exist or my search abilities sucks? Smile

Wysłane z mojego CLT-L29 przy użyciu Tapatalka
You can follow this

This was written for PBP but it works for PP too
If I remember in the wiki there's a missing dependency for qt5pas if you're on plasma

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