Are you using the Pinephone as your daily driver?
(09-18-2022, 06:16 AM)zetabeta Wrote: i mostly likely have to shy away from daily driver (temporarily, i wish), reason what i call flipping frames bug. practically all o.s.'s and u.i.'s are affected. i don't know about pinephone pro, which also uses mali gpu chip. pp pro lima driver may have same bug but it's still slightly different gpu.
if device just randomly crashes within a day, it is just intolerable to me.

That one surely is annoying, and I have run into it on postmarketOS 22.06 (which I currently daily drive), too - but fortunately not to often (at most twice a week, but I've also gone through weeks without running into this bug) and only in active use, meaning I could then act and did not run into the really bad "the phone is non-operational, but I don't know about it" situation.

Please note: While I don't recommend daily-driving the PinePhone Pro at this point (short battery life, still early state of hardware enablement), it definitely won't be affected by bugs in the lima driver (and. While it also uses ARM Mali graphics, the PinePhone Pro's GPU is supported by the panfrost driver, so it's definitely not affected by this.
I was using the original Pinephone (with Mobian) for daily use. I am forced to stop because of an update (about a week ago) resulted inability to make calls or texts. I have a Pinephone Pro but that did not work either. So, I am using a dumb phone as my daily driver, which I like a lot, and the pinephone as a media player and internet device. I hope to return to using Pinephone as a daily driver someday.

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