Questions regarding the PineTab
Hi all,
I tried reaching the Pine64 sales team multiple times via e-mail over the past year, but they never responded :/
I'm currently waiting for the PineTab to get back in stock again (I was happy to see that it got some attention during the last April update), but I'm also aware that it probably doesn't suit my needs in terms of performance.
I currently own an iPad Pro, but I want to get rid of it (it's the last device I own that runs a user-subjugating OS). I'm looking for a halfway viable FOSS alternative (I know that Apple is pretty much leading the tablet market, but hope dies last). The PineTab was the first GNU/Linux tablet I stumbled across, and it appears to be the only one.
I'd be happy if somebody could point me to some (more powerful?) alternatives that I can drop more money on.
Is the PineTab suitably for casual use (web browsing, writing text documents in Vim, etc.)? Can it handle a more bloated OS like GNOME? Does it have (GPU-backed) hardware acceleration?
I can't answer all your questions, but:

You might want to take a look at the wiki of supported devices for Postmarket OS.

Yes, it can run the Gnome DE. Several people have used Danct's minimal Arch image to install standard Gnome instead of Phosh.

Yes, it's viable for that kind of casual use.
I was just coming to ask the same question. I do not currently have a tablet and after the news that PineTab will still be a while before they come around I am looking for an alt until they do. I think my main use would be reading pdfs and ebooks, if support software is available, and light internet browsing. I still plan on grabbing a PineTab when they become available but I am at a point I don't want to wait.

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