PBP Listed Among Top Ten Linux Laptops
Just noticed Fossmint (fossmint.com) posted article listing Pine64's Pinebook Pro among their
top 10 linux laptops!  Others included are the likes of Dell, ASUS, System76 and Lenovo.  Go Pine!

Isn't it the only one on the list with an ARM processor?

I don't think this is really such a fair way to present them; a chart comparing features would be nice. I think the PBP fares better in some ways.
Well, PineBook Pro isn't strictly a "Linux laptop", as decribed in the article; it's actually an "open-hardware laptop" suitable for running pretty much any supported open-source operating system, which includes Linux and NetBSD.

However, if we only had at least some kind of response from Pine64 regarding the major hardware issues in the current revision of PineBook Pro... Sad  Fixing those issues would bring the PineBook Pro to the next level of quality, and would open it to new customers and markets.

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