using sd card
Blush i would like to put some movies and pdf files on my sd card. is there a way to do that?
(03-28-2021, 03:31 PM)rvh Wrote: Blush i would like to put some movies and pdf files on my sd card. is there a way to do that?

Not sure which scenario you have...
1. If you are running your OS from the sd card, then your files are probably already there.
2. If you are running your OS from the sd card and want to copy files from your computer to there, then shut down the pinephone, take out sd card, insert it into your computer (prefer linux computer) and copy your files to the card into /home/yourusername directory. yourusername depends what is your user name in Pinephone
3. If you are running your OS from the internal memory and you have also a data sd card inserted, then it is relatively easy for example in Manjaro&Plasma. Open the file manager (Index), swipe from the left to get root menu, touch your sd card and it gets mounted somewhere in /run/media/yourusername/... . Then just copy your files from your internal memory to sd card using the same file manager. Other OS's should behave similarily.
There are also the options of pulling files over the network, opening a Windows shared folder via SMB or from another Linux computer via NFS. You can also set up a folder that will be exposed like a thumb drive if you plug in your phone into another computer, but mind the security issues with that if you have it enabled all the time.
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with the info. you kind folks have given me, i figured out the pdf thing. for those on mobian , this what you do. after down load go to computer/mobian/"you sd card" make new folder, then do to downloads and send to the file you just made on sd card. then delete the down load if you want.
the movie thing i think is going to be a problem. i was hoping there was a way to download to my phone. any ideas? also, my computer that had linux on it died. so now im stuck with windows is there a wayto download movies from windows that the phone can play?
Easiest way is probably to put the SD card into a Linux computer and copy the files directly to it. If all you have is a Windows computer you can always boot up Linux on a flash drive which would be able to access both your Windows filesystem and the Pinephone SD card.
If you don't want to remove the sdcard each time and plug it into a card reader, you can share folders from windows over the network, and open them on Linux with a smb client, not sure if the default file manager on Mobian supports that out of the box. If you open the Files app (which is the Nemo filemanager) and then click on Network, you should be able to see your Windows computer in the network, but maybe needs some more packages or configuration...
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there is an app to down load for qbitorrents. once downloaded and scaled with interminal with $ gsettings set sm.puri.phoc scale-to-fit true. you can now download torents from the web. they will play on vlc. you can then transfer download to an sb card to save storage. vlc will still play it.
Try KDE Konnect, I use this method transfer file and quite convenient.

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