Outgoing calls/sms work, incoming don't
Carrier: Verizon
OS: Manjaro ARM Phosh beta 5 (I also tried mobian)

Outgoing Calls: Good
Incoming Calls: Never work (Screen locked, screen unlocked, screen unlocked and phone app open)

Outgoing SMS: Good
Incoming SMS: Works occasionally see more info below

1. I text my pine phone from a different phone, I wont receive the message until I text that other phone from the pine phone. The message then comes instantly.
2. When I reset the modem with mmcli -m 0 -r I get the pending message, but after that I have the same issue as number 1.

Any ideas what the problem is?

Thanks in advance.
(03-23-2021, 02:01 PM)user12345 Wrote: Carrier: Verizon
OS: Manjaro ARM Phosh beta 5 (I also tried mobian)

Manjaro Phosh Stable Edition is at beta 7 now, have you upgraded?
Thanks, I didn't realize that the release location changed after beta5. Yesterday I installed beta7 and sms was working more reliably. I saw today beta8 got released so I will be checking that out as well.

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