Pinebook Pro (ISO) for sale - Europe (NL)
Hi everyone,

I'd like to sell my pinebook pro. I'm just not using it anymore and its (IMO) one of the best products Pine64 has made and deserves to be used. Mine is actually one from the first batch and has the 128 GB eMMC module (freshly flashed with Manjaro). Lightly used by me for a while, but now gathering dust.

The price is € 200,- and I'll be including some extra's

[Image: I4g7TCO.jpg]

From left to right, top to bottem:
  • Pinebook Pro - ISO - 128 GB
  • NVMe adapter
  • EU power supply
  • eMMC to USB adapter (optional)
  • TP-Link Archer T2U Nano wifi adapter (optional)
The optional accessories won't change the price, just tell me if you'd like them to be included.

Another picture:
[Image: 0t7jauR.jpg]
Hello, i am really interested in your Pinebook pro. Is it still for sale?
(04-05-2021, 06:51 PM)NurMu Wrote: Hello, i am really interested in your Pinebook pro. Is it still for sale?


I'm currently finishing the sell with someone else, sorry for not indicating this! Should it not go through I'll edit this post again.
@Unkn0wn sold this first-batch PineBook Pro to me, at a heavily discounted price and with free international shipping, as a contribution toward fixing some of the already identified hardware issuesThis is much appreciated!  The laptop arrived a couple of days ago; as originally intended, I'll use it to develop and test fixes for some of those issues.  Of course, the results and all findings will be well documented and publicly available, for the benefit of the entire community.

As a side note, it's rather surprising how much the inside (plastic) and outside (metal) surfaces of this first-batch PineBook Pro differ from the PineBook Pro I'm using, which came from the second batch.  The difference is significant and most noticeable on the front and back metal covers: on the second-batch PineBook Pro, the metal covers are much more shiny and more slick to the touch.  Also, the touchpad buttons are much more "clicky" on the first-batch PineBook Pro, and the clicks sound somewhat hollow.  Unfortunately, the first-batch touchpad is still "laggy" and "jumpy", for the lack of a better way to describe that issue.

Once again, @Unkn0wn, thank you very much!  I really appreciate it!

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