PINETAB – 10.1″ Linux Tablet With Detached Backlit Keyboard (EARLY ADOPTER EDITION) f
Standard edition is documented here:

Excellent condition; only turned on a few times for tinkering.  No destructive changes to the software configuration or firmware configuration were made.  Everything is in the box as it was received.

Installed with testing OS only.  All tests passed.

It is your responsibility to install a fully functional operating system.  (Ask around in #pinetab in )

Here is the wiki page for this particular variant (early adopter edition):

Reason for sale

I am looking after my daugher full time.  As much as I would love to keep this, in reality, due to my lifestyle (I am a 42 year-old family man with a wife and four-year old old daughter) I simply have no time for tinkering with new hardware.  (An Apple Macbook or Lenovo Thinkpad would be the most sensible and productive choice at this stage of my career.)

My Reputation

Here is my Ebay profile: (I am currently trying to find a way to list "ullbeking" as one of my usernames in my Ebay profile).  Note that I haven't listed this on Ebay (yet).  I'm just including this as a way to indicate that I'm a trustworthy seller.

I am very active on IRC, including and Freenode.

LinkedIn profile: (Andrew Nesbit is my real name.)


100 USD for Pinetab Early Adopter

40 USD for postage and packaging (negotiable if buyer wants to collect.  I live in London, UK.  This can be waived if the buyer is local and wants to collect locally.)


Email: Andrew Nesbit <> (send me email here!!)

ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS WELCOME!!  I am a very sociable and reasonable trader, and it's in my interest to make a sale that benefits everybody!!  After I sell this Pinetab, I will most certainly be returning to the Pine64 community at some point in the not-distant future.
Email and message sent via eBay.

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