Are you interested in using UEFI on Pine64 or other arm board as the board's firmware?
Yes, it would be interesting if it works.
Yes, it's interesting, but where the download link?
Maybe, but for me uboot is enough.
I am happy with uboot and religiously deny to use Uefi, because it comes from evil corporations!
What's Uefi? Can it run Kodi?
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UEFI for Pine64
Oh, I just came here to see my old topic and saw, the image had been broken (thanks to free image hostings!). fortunately it's easily recoverable, so I did it. Smile

And yet - wanted to say, that I didn't discard the project. Smile Keep working on it. I even managed recently to run some code on a bare Pine64+, but it's not exactly UEFI yet, it's a temporary loader for my hobby OS, the one intended to work in a hostile uboot environment. Big Grin this is its first steps. Smile
As you can see, it's a Pine64+ board and I loaded torpedo binary (the name, torpedo meets uboot, funny hah? Big Grin) through bootm command, pretending being linux.
The last 5 lines on the screenshot is from it. it runs in the aarch64 execution state and everything it does, - prints the current EL. It's EL2 as seen.

[Image: 2018-05-30-sosna-ldr.png]

Btw, did you know, why saveenv command doesn't work? Saveenv can't save environment. Is it a known problem?

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