Plasma Mobile - no data connection
(02-23-2021, 02:39 AM)dcinoz Wrote: Check
ofonoctl wan
If there are details there and it says static, you should have a blank
ip route
ip a
wwan ip address and to get an ip address and correct default route for you wwan you need to run
sudo ofonoctl wan --connect
. You should then see an ip address and route to wwan gateway and wwan interface.

If you turn on wifi that will add another default route, for me it has lower priority than the wwan so that is not right.
ip route
removed the wwan route and thus wifi became the only route.
That is without doing anything, the mobile data icon is still highlighted in the settings.

Turning wifi off:
ip route
is blank as only wifi route removed as wifi off.
ip a
shows wwan0 no longer has an p address.

Turning mobile data off and back on:
Nothing changes, as was the case initially.

Weirdly modem was powered off, had to do
ofonoctl poweron && ofonoctl online
ofonoctl wan
gave the expected info.
Then you need
sudo ofonoctl wan --connect
(you can add --append-dns to use the carrier DNS settings.
This then gives you an ip address and route, as before.

Turning mobile data 'off' on the settings has no effect, mobile data is still active - check ip address and route or ping something.

Ok, maybe ignore the wifi on deletes wwan - I did it again and it didn't and wwan has priority - bad.
If you remove the wwan default route / change priority that will fix it or delete the wwan ip address.

Not exactly pretty as it stands today.
But hopefully you can get mobile data working!

I am seeing the same issue being reported on the Manjaro form. They are indicating it seems to be a bug, and Network Manager is not updating

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