HArdware issues while charging
While charging my pinebook pro, two things happen.

First, a sort of static noise starts playing through the headphone jack. This is especially noticeable if I attach external speakers to the headphone jack. Funnily enough, this noise gets louder if the device is powered off.

Second, the trackpad stops working properly. It often detects two fingers instead of one and the movement is jittery and inaccurate.

I am using the official charger in the barrel port. Does anyone else have these issues? And (though I doubt it sincec this seems to be a hardware problem) is there a fix?
I've had all those things with USB-C charging, with certain chargers, but not on barrel.
Yep, for me since the last Manjaro update I get the issue with USB-C charging and the Trackpad getting jumpy and unresponsive.

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