Pinebook Pro for sale - Europe (Poland) - SOLD
Since I'm starting new project I want to sell my Pinebook Pro.

The machine is from second batch. Very nice win on silicon lottery - runs happily with: big cores - 2.18GHz, small cores - 1.7GHz with absolutely no errors (hundreds of compilations done without an error).

I have also installed externally accessible UART so you don't have to dismantle the thing everytime there is a need for some debugging ( somewhere on the forum there's a thread about it ). It will also come with a USB-A to barrel cable, (since it will charge the thing faster. I am using USB-C/USB-A charger 65W) and NVME drive adapter.

I paid 260 USD for it with all the customs. Now I want 200 USD + shipping charges.

I have also barely used Pinephone 3GB (Manjaro edition) for sale.

Photos :

[Image: CE29K7s.jpg]

[Image: sI4vcdK.jpg]

[Image: zBeYnPg.jpeg]
Here is Pinephone for sale -->

Also both devices are 200 USD with shipping cost within EU.
Can you post them to Russian federation (Saint Petersburg)?
(02-20-2021, 06:34 AM)Kopilov Wrote: Nice!
Can you post  them to Russian federation (Saint Petersburg)?

I guess I could use regular mail otherwise it costs twice as much as sending to any EU country.
May be. I have written a PM
I will be ready to make a payment in a week if the pinebook would not be sold.
Just now, it is still free if @as400 do not disprove.
Is this available still message cheers from uk
@Owlsy I have just payed for it.
@as400 please clarify the sending in suitable moment.
@Owlsy - sorry it has been sold.

@Kopilov - I packed it and will be going to the post office today. Please PM me your email. I will send you package photos and tracking number after I get back from the post office.

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