Pinebook pro accidental drop test
Hello fellow piners,

I just did an accidental drop test on my pinebook pro, I was sitting on my attic with my laptop placed on the arm of a lazy chair (next to the entry hole of the attic).
When i stood up I bumped the laptop and it fell down from the chair trough the staircase hole down my attic on to the floor below.
I rushed downstairs and was shocked how I could be so stupid to place it on the arm of a chair next to the hole of the attic.
I opened the case and saw a bit of the case was snapped off on one side below the usb port, and a plastic strip on the bottom of the hinge part of the screen was loose.
I glued the plastic parts back together as best I could with some superglue and baking soda, after that I closed the lid and saw the laptop was a bit warped.
But besides the small amount of battle scars the laptop is still working fine, you can hardly see it was damaged.

I think the way the pinebook is designed makes for a very strong laptop. I am super impressed because the pinebook survived my stupidity Big Grin .
The fall was about 3 meters high.

I hope you guys wont do an accidental drop test but if you do I think the pinebook will stand a good chance of surviving.
It's actually not that surprising, considering the amount of empty space inside and how light overall the machine is. Had it been heavier more of the case would have to break to absorb the impact energy, and had the space inside been used more fully there would be more chances for the energy to be transferred onto internal components.
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