gnome-contacts not showing call nor sms button
I am encountering a issue with gnome-contacts.
Whenever I open a contact, there is no button showing next to the phone numbers, for calls or sms.

Next to the email addresses, I can see the button for sending an email (which works OK and open geary), but no buttons are showing next the the phone numbers.

I checked in /usr/share/applications/gnome-mimeapps.list, which did not have any
lines, so I added these lines :
but still no luck after that.

Any suggestion ?
Mine just work - I did originally import my contacts via Evolution but probably irrelevant.

Can you manually dial numbers?

Are your numbers properly stored as MSISDN (i.e. including CC with a + prefix)?
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Yes, dialing directly from Calls is OK.
As for the numbers, I have all kind of formats, including proper MSISDN with "+", and the buttons are showing for none of them.
It used to work, and probably got broken after an upgrade/dist-upgrade, but since I don't use the functionnality that much, I don't know exactly when it occured.

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