Good glue for reattaching Pinebook Pro feet
The feet on my PBP are barely holding on. It looks like this is a common problem, so I'm asking for advice of others who are . . . footloose . Cool

What glue works well for reattaching loose feet?
I ended up having good results with plain old cyanoacrylate, also known as Super Glue and Krazy Glue. However, what I found as the most important part is the process, how to glue rather than the glue itself. What I ended up doing is removing the bottom cover, putting a little bit of glue around the holes where the feet attach, attaching the feet, but then putting the cover feet down onto a flat surface, then pouring a generous amount of glue into the whole so that some of it gets into the openings in the feet themselves and it pours a bit over the edges of the holes in the bottom cover. Then I put a smaller dumbbell on top of it and left it there overnight. After I put it back together several months back the feet were holding together pretty well, whereas before then I tried bunch of different glues (including cyanoacrylate) and the feet would still come off within few weeks.
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For what it's worth (Buffalo Springfield?), you can get generic rubber (and cork, plastic, etc.) feet at just about any hardware store or "big-box store" for less than the cost of one of those one-time-use glues.
UPDATE: I removed all the old glue from the case and the rubber feet with Goo Gone. Then I put a thin layer contact cement on the case and the feet, let it set for a few minutes then carefully placed the feet in the case and flipped it over and let it set overnight. The feet seem to be holding in place very well.

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