(potential) work-around for Playstore authentication issue
Hi, I wanted to reply back for anyone who might read this and who had the same problem.

I re-flashed the SD card with the 'current' Android image: http://files.pine64.org/os/android/andro...4-64GB.zip and it seems that the Play Store is now working. I can install apps.

I tried 2 ways: 1) with a personal gmail account and 2) with a work-related account which has Google Apps for Work device policy limitations (the IT admin at work can limit which apps to install, require a password, etc.) It works both ways.

So I hope it continues to work. I don't know which Android image shipped with the Pine64, but that is the image I tried first, and had the Play Store issues.

Besides re-flashing with the current image, I made sure to download the image for HDMI Video Output. My Pine64+ came with the 7" touchscreen display, so I am assuming the Android image on the SD card was for the LCD touch screen. I have my Pine 64+ hooked up to a LED computer monitor via HDMI. So now the menu buttons are in the right place. I don't know if this made the Play Store work or not.

I hope this helps someone out there.

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